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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 17, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> to our other big story tonight, a mother bart web site is packed. the fbi is
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getting involved in the cyber attacks as we hear that there's another protest against bart. this was the scene on monday after the group anonymous call for a demonstration against the bart. there were protesting the decision to shut down cellphone service last week because of a rumored protests then. our team coverage begins with kron4 dan kerman. he is live in the headquarters in oakland for more on the latest attack. >> late this afternoon, the fbi sat down with members of bart police officers' union it was their web site that was hacked into and their information that was released. these are the names of 100 into bart police officers as well as their home addresses, e- mail accounts and passwords. the information was posted to the web for all to see by a hacker that broke into the park police officers association web site. >> i hope the people that did this realize what they have done they have basically compromise, not
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only the officers' safety but their family safety. their wives, their small children may be their elderly parents. >> the link was postponed operation bart twitter account they are behind this past monday's demonstration protesting guards decision last week to shut off self-service in anticipation of a rumored protest. >> i am angry it is not right. >> the president of bart police union says that they are targeting the wrong people. >> people have a right to be angry over the cellphone shut off but that was not our decision if we the police officers do not make that decision. >> op bart says they do not take credit for this. and on the twitter account someone says that they claimed responsibility in this is them.
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>> after the web site was hacked, tough the bart police decided to take it down until they can beef up security. fee they are encouraging members to change their passwords. there is another protest scheduled to take place monday afternoon. reporting live the bart headquarters i and then permit with kron4 news. >> the cyber attacks that dan was talking about was the latest in a series of the bacteria here is more on why the are happening--here is more on my visa had -- >> here is more wide these attacks are happening.
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>> no one has been named as the leader of anonymous but it is a group of web sites associated with the same thing, hacking. and last week it has been a roller- coaster ride for those moon bay area rapid transit system--those working with the bay area track system. the bart web site was hacked by anonymous, the bart and data base was hacked by an unknown source. spurred say that this fiber attack problem is only getting worse and will only get worse until both the government and businesses make security a priority visa, mastercard and place station three have all been hacked with and a last year. the fbi arrested 14 individuals last month also see it with a group anonymous all believed to have cyber attacked the paypal web site. but there are still problems some say the only major u.s. company actively cars filling online
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attackers is microsoft and until others do the same, your information may be left vulnerable to those in the cyberworld. talking with experts, they say there are some solutions one of them but companies in the government can spend more. if they do not, it is likely that they will face more lawsuits, something that they have already started to face from people who've information has been given out. finally, they can go after internet service providers. they are also called isp. only around 50 i s p make up for most of the trouble that we see on line. reporting in the studio i am j.r. stone with kron4 news. >> a live look outside this evening, the fog is moving in over oakland. this is the bulk of the bayshores tomorrow. it is the reason why we kept cooler closer to the coastline, look at our high temperatures for today. low 60 san francisco, 65 half moon bay, compare that to the inland valleys and
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the chargers were in the upper 80s and low 90s. 92 antioch 78 san jose and as we head into tomorrow we can expect a very similar conditions with fog in the morning and then minimal fog mainly for the coastline and just briefly into the bayshores. it will still stay warm tomorrow and then into friday, more dense fog returns bringing more cooler temperatures. cool weather will continue into the weekend i will have details coming up in just a little bit. >> kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. is just getting started, a major scandal rocked the university of miami football team. look at the hurricane of trouble now facing the schools. >> a bay area attorney accused of sexually cray's--craig's left by his attorney says this is all a misunderstanding. plus remembering a woman at her
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funeral today ahead. xwñ
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>> state legislature to introduce a new parole reform bill inspired by the kidnapping of jaycee dugard. dugard sr. was kidnapped by phillip and nancy garrido and held prisoner for nearly 20 years. correa was on parole at the time, this is recently released a video of patrol officers searching the home while jaycee dugard was being held captive there. the bill would make it tougher for prisoners to be released on parole. meanwhile, the couple denies their involvement with a another abduction police recently questioned agreed knows about the kidnapping of michaela garecht, nine year-old garrett was attacked from a hayward grocery store back in 1988. investigators say that the dugard and derek disappearances' and were strong in singularity. we
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everywhere. shapiro says that he showers players with all kinds of benefits that is him on the right in the photograph with a player from 2003. in 100 hours of jailhouse interviews with yahoo sports, he says that he gave those gifts to 72 football players and other athletes at miami from 2002 until 2010. a few examples, close to >> he says that he gave team members bounties including entering other players. he entertained in his multimillion-dollar homes and yachts, he is describing an eight year run of n.c.a.a. rule breaking claiming that it was with the knowledge or participation of at least seven coaches from the miami
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football and basketball programs. the hurricane coach al golden is getting ready for his first season with the team and says that he is hearing about all this for the first time. >> i want to prevent them from going forward, how do you do that? by getting to the truth by getting to the fact so how this guy get around our players? me as a head coach i want to know. >> shapiro claims that he paid out millions over the years this is in a basketball fund raiser he just handed over a check for $50,000 and said that it was comprised entirely of ponzi funds. the hurricanes to the practice field today even though the complaints involve several current players they say it is too soon to take disciplinary action. >> whatever the number is being interview right now or been named, that makes up
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less than 10 percent of our team, so it is really important to understand that we have a lot of guys in that locker room that do >> the n.c.a.a. says that if the allegations are true they show the need for serious and fundamental change in college sports. as for shapiro, he says that he did it because he could and that no one stepped in to stop him. while fire season is heat up along the central coast, a fire is burning in the remote sierra selena mountain range. the fire has burned about 250 a. so far. it is starting yesterday, the crews have the blaze about 50 percent contained they say for now, no buildings are threaten however there are housing developments, hunting cabins and some outbuildings in the area no word yet on how the fire started.
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>> now we have seen a few high clouds streaming in over the bay area today as we head into tomorrow, similar conditions are expected that means the fog he morning with coastal in bay locations the fog is back to the coastline at noon and a little bit cooler into the afternoon our for our inland valleys may lead. a look at fog tracker for tomorrow morning is the lead into statehouse--the north bay carry extra fog for oakland in the peninsula. >> as it is great golfing weather and san jose. now there are budget issues in south bay city that could mean the end of a popular city on the golf course. san
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jose is considering selling the rancho del pueblo golf course to a developer. it is where 680 into a zero come together near 101 in the south bay. i will use the big board to flies in for a closer look. course and the driving range right here. all of the development along the gulf is--golf course. >> she talked with people both for and against the proposal. >> buzz around the golf course in san jose with all
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about the proposed sale of the course. >> i think it is a bad idea because the alternative is housing and no one is really buying houses right now. >> the city of san jose is considering selling the 31 a. property to save the city $2 million per year. on wednesday residents voiced their opinions on the proposal. the deputy director of economic development says that preliminary estimates show a $20 million from the sale could be applied to other city services. >> the council is considering a wide range of painful and undesirable options. >> she says this course is not making enough money it opened in 2000 and the city currently has a $5.6 million debt for the course. although there are no specific plans yet, 507 housing units in a park could be a possibility.
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>> it is congested enough as it is, this is a very busy road and i think adding more houses will not help that situation. >> a second meeting will be held september 8th. >> now this through the ec on the practice range, since its inception 10 years ago more than 10,000 kids have learned to play golf their coaches say that it keeps kids out of trouble after school and that they learned a lot more than just how to play golf. >> you figure from the time they get out of school from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the time when most kids get in trouble. this program takes care of a lot of kids every day, we do a lot of core values, life skills, they used off as a vehicle to be able to teach sportsmanship, honesty, integrity and responsibility. i think it
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is a great job of keeping kids off of the street. >> they serve both boys and girls ages 7 to 17. we will take a short break and be right back.
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>> the l.a. sports department vowed to investigate several criminal charges are for there was not enough evidence to move forward. the syndicated perry has become the first female singer to tie record that was last set by the late king of pop michael jackson. she has scored five no. 1 songs from one album on the billboard top 100 chart, only michael jackson had five singles from one apple before her and that came from his album bad. abercrombie and fitch is offering a big money to stop the the cast of jersey shore from wearing their brand. they are worried that this could damage their image.
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>> a police standoff in san raphael. they say a man barricaded himself inside of a room at the extended stay hotel and francisco boulevard east. a woman is also with him, officials said that he fired a bullet out of the window that prompted the police to shut down nearby roads and evacuate businesses in the area negotiators have been in communication with the gunman trying to get him to come out and said they believe this man is the same person suspected in a stabbing that happened earlier this week. now that
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stand off prompted the closure of the richmond san raphael bridge. it was close for less than one hour but the tories have gone on for hours leading to major traffic backups lasting hours. another bart website was hacked, this time the attacker leaped personal information of more than 100 bart police officers. last week hackers broke into the marketing web site at released personal information of more than 2000 customers, the hacker say that they're going after bart and turning off cellphone service last week to force a potential protest. we want to go back to the situation on the richmond san raphael bridge. teresa estacio is stuck on the bridge in the midst of it all. can you hear us? what is going on? >> about 6:00 p.m. this evening i got here it was back to that traffic i am still on the bridge at 8:30 p.m. to 1 1/2 hour stop on
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the rich people are upset, they're angry at their honking their horns right now i'm going about two or 3 mi. per hour in this town has been for hours now. >> so where are you are you halfway across yet? theresa can you hear us? >> i think that our connection with teresa is clipped, but she just told me that she has been in traffic on the bridge for two and a half hours. that is due to the police action going on in san raphael. we will keep you posted have an update on newscast tonight at 11:00. >> a bay area attorney accused of breaking the law. >> kron4 looks if the allegations against the low your reaction from the alleged victim and how the popular web site craig lists played the role. >> robert michael hoffman
8:33 pm
appeared in a san francisco court room the district attorney says that the lawyer that specializes in sexual harassment cases victimize several women that responded to his ads on graceless. maureen kelly spoke with him saying that the women were actually consentual participants in sex play. >> this is one creek list at the suspect's lawyer says that his client posted this looking for rough sex it is in title i will hit you. it goes on to read i will be you and pull you to your knees by your hair, i will slap you across the face. here is another one that is title sequence luck. one line said you force down to your knees hard mean and nasty. the defense says that these ads show that the women that the client is accused of beating and sexually assaulting knew what they're getting into. >> they answered his advertisement, they made america--arrangements to go to his house and have sex no
8:34 pm
one argues about that two of the woman actually had sex with him twice before this. the real issue is if you go to get hurt, and that is what you get off on mail, or female if you want to get spanked, your hair pulled, pushed against the wall, if that is what gets you excited then you want to do a rape fantasy. and in that fantasy when there is no mean no? >> the district attorney says that they will be back august 31st presenting what they believe to be sufficient evidence to sustain the charges against hoffmann. >> one victim says that she had to run away to escape her encounter with hoffman. we are not releasing her name we have altered her voice to protect her identity the listener she describes what happened. >> he started choking me in pulling my hair, i was screaming i said michael please...
8:35 pm
in >> a spokesperson for the district attorney says that they do not know if there were any other victims but the police are continuing to investigate. a funeral service was held in redwood city today for 32 year old who died last week after being attacked and mauled by her own pit bull. charles clifford was in redwood city and has reaction from friends and co-workers. >> one week after her death her friends are still in shock. >> devastated. >> i was in shock. >> i cannot understand it at all. >> bob lee saw her the night before she died he ate dinner at the restaurant where she worked. >> we have had a wonderful evening i gave her a great big hug and a kiss, that was one per customs just before i left and i was looking for
8:36 pm
to seeing her again. >> the people i spoke with today are confused and saddened by the way that she died. tonya bingham had watched her dog for her when she was shot out of town. she was stunned by what happened. --she watched her dog for her while she was out of town she was stunned that that happened. >> she loved her dogs and i'm just sad that that happen. >> a san carlos woman is behind bars tonight she is accused of threatening people--police with a knife after brutally stabbing her pet lizard. police say they are ride in that is when they said she pulled a knife on them tetes' her, took her into custody and that is when they noticed an abuse 14 your opec dragon. she has been charged with animal cruelty, vandalism and banishing a weapon. new
8:37 pm
details about the police chief of the oakland public schools. the school district announced that he has retired from the force effective today district officials say that his retirement will close the investigation into allegations that he used a racial slur and aimed at his subordinates while off duty. this is not the first time that he has faced troubles. he was forced to resign from a state justice department job back in 2007 after crashing his state own vehicle and being cited for misdemeanor drunken driving. >> sergeant paul stargic was shot and killed and 2008 now the state has renamed a portion of the roadway. now this is what you see it is being renamed, and this will
8:38 pm
now be named after the officer that was shot just above his bulletproof vest back in 2008 after responding to a call of a gunman and a hair salon but he returned fire and was able to kill the gunmen that police say likely save the women and children who were also there the hero who died serving his city will not be honored for ever. >> it will still be pretty warm in the south bay tomorrow, and notice a couple degrees of cooling for the inland valleys tomorrow afternoon. >> '60s and '70s expected through these bayshores. also in the '60s and '70s for the peninsula. cooler closer to the coastline because the fog is expected to last all the way through
8:39 pm
the afternoon will not see a lot of sun at the coastline. mainly '70s and '80s for the north bay. 87 fairfield a look at the kron47 they're around the bay forecast. warm weather to marble cooler conditions on tap for friday and weekend. we will have more fog throughout the bay area but rebounding with warmer conditions into next week. >> there is a new smart phone application that will basically pay you for walking around your smart phone. really easy money i am gabe slate in that is coming up and my tech report.
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front of a business like a restaurant, confirming business hours of a business or a picture of the menu at a restaurant. it is easy on- site location task, like verifying a street name, reporting on rely cameras, confirming product placement in stores one job ask for an exact rule about turning on red, a lot of mapping in traffic stuff and a lot of information on restaurants one wanted to know if the restaurant was wheelchair accessible. there are a ton of these little gigs they are paying for in the bay area. it's easy for you because you're only paying for--you are only doing the ones that are in your location walking to school or work, you will see the gig and earn easy money. the company behind of claims the most active are making as much as $1,200 per month, that is a lot of money. they still this digital information on what kind of web sites and apps that used detailed information, mapping and images in their
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products. it is like turning smart phone users into a mobile workforce. a kind of makes sense think of all web phones and smart phone applications that need details on businesses there are a lot of people looking for places to eat or nearby services and you look these things you want pictures and details. for now only worsen the iphone but it will probably expand to other i --other platforms in the future. log on to look for my tech page i am gabe slate with kron4 news. the >> up next, the giants' build a big lead in atlanta only to see the braves battled back. gary has highlights straight ahead and 49ers at a new quarterback to the mix. as they prepare for this weekend's game against the raiders. gary has all that information up next.
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>> good morning everybody, i said the morning and you know why i just looked at little tape of darya and mark, and it just made me think i have here as of a 40 5:00 a.m. every morning. and i just saw them and i apologize for that, but it is bad. i will get written up.
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>> i cannot think so. >> can you tell them that i have been a good soldier and i got caught off guard. but you can control the management. they will tell me to bend over and start whipping me. >> i am not making a comment on that one. >> de your head out of the sand. anyway on the injury bug, brian wilson visited a doctor in florida today by the way good evening everybody, he visited a doctor in florida today the word is that he has an inflamed right elbow but nothing serious and he should be back soon. the giants needed to win, they lost a couple of tough ones. now you talk about a giants fan in atlanta. there was a base hit in the giants' lead to 21. eli whiteside was the best catcher that they had. this guy is not that bad.
8:48 pm
the three to one giants, met king struck out nine over eight innings he was really good tonight. the giants had a 721 lead going into the ninth, two runs already across. now here he is with a to run double. that brings the lead down to two. no wilson tonight, so they bring on jeremy. the next hitter represents the tying run. he was struck out by jeremy. and the giants, they're tied at the finish but they win seven to five. the arizona diamondbacks baseball surprise team, jimmy from alameda. remember when he came in here and he was the ndp? a very nice guy. one to nothing, now they went 9 to 2. five back
8:49 pm
of atlanta in the wild card business. days are trying to finish strong. kurt, this was his day and then some. it was verses' the baltimore orioles, the second inning the first of his two home runs. and here's the thing, if you are an oakland a's fan. the season has been over for about a month, and you want to see who is still planning, suzuki is still planned. he had his second home run of the day, but in the ninth inning it will be a six to five games when the base hit goes here for the orioles. if ryan does not come up with the play, the game is tied. suzuki is blocking the play and that is it. blake davis was tagged out at home and the game is over the oakland a's beat the orioles by a final of six to five. the 49ers have a new quarterback is not daunted culpeper. it is josh who
8:50 pm
played with the raiders in 2007. he is a big guy, about 6 ft. 4 and no. 3 draft choice by arizona in 2002. most recently he has been playing for the car for colonials of the united states football league. now let us face it, that is the thing the 49ers i believe it is the most important position in sports, but we may talk this over with him more and jacqueline bennett in a moment, but people are saying has he been fined for this hit? yes, $20,000 on the cincinnati rookie quarterback again, this guy makes enough. anyway, the 49ers do not have a good quarterback and that will be the story all year. they have every position in major sports i will confine it to football, basketball and baseball is them what an important position than the quarterback? >> i am thinking. it >> on there are no prizes.
8:51 pm
>> the goalie and hockey can make a play. >> i said football, basketball and baseball. it lay off the hockey. it is the month of august. >> there is a preseason in a month. >> now she's doing the best to kill my question. but basically you evenhanded to someone or you throw it. i know that someone says the pitcher in baseball is the most important i am telling you if you and i have a good quarterback in the history of football there have been very few good team without a good quarterback. how will the sharks do this year by the way? >> i do not know. >> thank you. now this is pretty rough. with the barcelona and madrid. what did i say earlier to my about when i used to fight? now you'll watch these guys, this is a fact check about
8:52 pm
earlier on. i talked about myself being physical. now both of them will clear off the bench. and then they go, and how did i do it pam? do you remember? that i remember but you were not telling the truth. fed data that is certainly your opinion. but i said you know if you have a problem with the i will go shower and shave in we will meet out back and that is how a real man fights. you cannot say old hold me back. and how come you not believe it? >> because i do not believe you are one to fight. the battle for my parents hugged me, they would give me a pitch fork. i worked on a farm, you had to fight. , all of you from san jose no i am talking about the streets were mean in those days. you think detroit is something, san jose was something else. >> we have more coming up after the break.
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>> kron4 has teamed up with stubhub. we're giving one lucky mom a night out with her friends. they would join in a luxury suite to watch the giants' battle the san diego padres next wednesday in addition to watching the game in comfort and joy and catered food and drink will have the chance to meet and mingle with the san francisco giants players. to enter visit our kron4
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facebook fan page the sweepstakes will end on monday in turn now with your chance to win. >> tomorrow will be warm for the inland valleys will not see much fog, with the dense fog will return into friday as the head into the weekend that will drop the temperatures quite a bit for the inland valleys. as we head into next week, the fog will back up and we will see warmer dry air and that means warmer conditions closed average this time of year. >> thank you jacqueline and thank you for being with us tonight will be back to wrap up tonight's news at 11.
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